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International Waters was formed in October 2004 as an independent book company. The name reflecting our aim not to be limited by traditional boundaries but to have both depth and breadth. Our mission is to publish new authors in a wide variety of genres. We are small but growing steadily by publishing books that people want to read. We enjoy what we do. We want you to enjoy what we have to offer. Life's a beach - take one of our books with you!


International Waters' first title was Dance of the Goblins by Jaq D. Hawkins, a fantasy novel that has gripped readers all over the world and is now to be a major film starrring Kevin Mcnally. 


The second title was Eats, Roots & Leaves by Nicholas Waters. This collection of essays about the English language has been received as a well-timed reposte to those who would try to fossilise English sometime in the 19th century. See latest news.


Currently under production are a trilogy of books under the umbrella of Different Englishes, the first of which is entitled Australia, Australian and Australians. This will be published alongside the most comprehensive dictionary of Australianisms yet published.


Also on the way is Clean Sweep a novel set amongst the men (and woman) who clean the streets of London.



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Latest news


Eats, Roots & Leaves 

First Edition close to sell-out. The second edition is currently being prepared. News on availablility will be posted here. In the meantime, you can still order one of the few remaining copies.